Terms and Conditions of Business

Leaflets, Booklets, Menus and all other distribution items are accepted for distribution to residential and or business, are subject only to the following terms & conditions.

In so far as the context admits these terms and conditions are deemed to be incorporated into any agreement entered with TTC Management Services Ltd and T/A associated companies.

Agreement – means the terms and conditions set out here under.
Client – means the individual business stated for the service of distribution materials (leaflets, booklets, menus and newspapers).
Services – The provision of a door to door distribution service for the agreed price paid ‘per thousand items’.
Leaflet Distributors – The workers who are paid to carry out the distribution of the service.

All agreements made must be in writing before we can start distribution work. Current forms of communications are acceptable i.e. postal, fax or email. No verbal agreement will be acceptable.
All distribution items must be delivered to our offices and payment made as agreed with TTC Management Services Ltd, commencement of distribution usually 7 days after receipt of payment.
TTC Management Services Ltd will arrange for the distribution items to be collected from the offices, premised, location for a pre agreed collection charge – payable in advance or on agreement invoice.
Once distribution items have been received at our offices and the delivery time have been pre agreed in writing, TTC Management Services Ltd must be informed in advanced of delivery if there are any deadlines, time limit to be met for delivery.

Shared – The clients’ distribution items are usually delivered with other clients usually a maximum of four. Standard rates apply.

Solus – The clients distribution will be carried out with a TTC Management Services Ltd leaflet only. TTC Management Services Ltd leaflet will be for distribution along with clients to assist our checking facility. Standard rates apply.

Continuous / Regular Contracts – The client has agreed to a longer period of distribution usually 3 /6 /9 or 12 months period. Continuous regular contracts are usually discounted – Standard rates.

The rates quoted will be price per thousand household or price per item depending on the weight of the distribution item, or area of distribution.

Our minimum will be 5,000 households. As a guide the number of delivery household in any particular postcode area or sector within our operational region can be calculated for our clients. All prices quoted will be held good for one calendar month.

Payments are made to TTC Marketing Services, TTC Leaflet Distribution, TTC Leaflet2letterbox Services, trading name of TTC Management Services Ltd. Payments are made in advance and invoiced on receipt. Payments are not subject to the client ‘response levels from distribution’.

The agreement severable in that if any provision is determined to be illegal or unenforceable of any count of competent jurisdiction such provision shall be deemed to have been deleted without affection the remaining provisions of the agreement.

9) LAW
These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and the parties hereto agree that the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.